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Teaching Supports

Library Workshops

Zoom or In-Person Delivery

Available to all Assiniboine campuses and sites, we work with you to tailor workshop content to meet the needs of your classes, courses, or programs. Presentations are most effective for students if they can be paired with an assessment that's part of their courses - often, there isn't interest until there is a need!

Book presentations at least a week ahead of time so we can be sure to see your students when needed—the more lead time, the better your chance of getting the slot you want.

Academic Integrity Guide

What is academic integrity? What forms of academic misconduct exist at Assiniboine? Learn about the many facets of academic integrity and Assiniboine’s efforts to create an environment of academic integrity. Information provided in this guide will help instructors develop strategies that foster academic integrity in the classroom.

Library Integration into Courses and Assignments

Library staff will work with faculty to integrate appropriate library supports into courses and assignments. These supports can be delivered at the time and point of need, both online and in person. Many of the Library’s resources can be integrated into your Moodle course or other learning environment. For example:

  • Library Guides (e.g. Research Help, Citing Help, or tailored guides specific to assignment needs - for example, a guide that provides details on how to use specific databases relevant to the course/assignment subject matter)
  • Workshops and presentations (see above)
  • Moodle discussion board presence - Library staff can answer research and citing questions directly in Moodle discussion forums
  • List of relevant resources (e.g. databases, tools, tutorials, etc.) and their links to embed within your Moodle courses or assignments
  • Advanced search terms and techniques to quickly locate resources
  • Licensed articles from research databases
  • Licensed videos from the Assiniboine Library collection

Contact Library staff to arrange a meeting to go over course material and assignments to determine what we can do for you and your students!


Students can maximize their research and citing skills by completing tutorials online! Have your students complete these tutorials before assignments to practice the skills for success in their projects. A variety of tutorials are available through Library Guides to help students learn about: evaluating information, generating search terms for research, identifying elements needed for their references, and more. Tutorials can be integrated into assignment-specific Library Guides.

Shared Reference Lists in NoodleTools

The shared reference list feature in NoodleTools allows you to monitor student citing efforts and give direct, immediate feedback right within the citation manager platform. A great feature that offers seamless communication with your students and cuts back on email overload and "citation fixation"!