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Wireless Access

Assiniboine Wireless

There are multiple wireless networks on campus. These wireless networks are managed by IT Services. For IT support, please visit the IT Help Desk, linked in the menu on the right. 

ACCStudent and ACCStaff

ACCStudent and ACCStaff are the secured wireless networks available only to Assiniboine students, faculty, and staff, with an active Assiniboine username and password.

  • These wirless networks are available throughout all campuses and are the recommended networks for all mobile devices on campus.

  • See IT Services Wireless Networking Information for complete details on connecting to Assiniboine’s wireless network  


eduroam is available in all locations at all Assiniboine campuses.

eduroam is a secure worldwide federated wireless network for individuals in higher education or research environments. This large-scale collaboration between hundreds of institutions allows individuals to authenticate to the “eduroam” network using their college account and password wherever this network is broadcasting.

For example, since Brandon University (BU) is a partner institution, an Assiniboine student, faculty, or staff member, could access the eduroam network at BU by authenticating using their Assiniboine credentials. Likewise, this collaboration allows visitors from other member institutions to connect to our eduroam Wi-Fi using their institution's credentials. To authenticate, a user should use their primary email address, such as, for the username.

eduroam is a secured guest wireless network. Assiniboine students, faculty, and staff must use the ACCSecure Wi-Fi network.

Visit the eduroam map of locations to see where this service is available.


WCGfreeWIFI is provided jointly by Assiniboine College and Westman Communications Group and is intended for use by visitors and guests who aren't members of a participating eduroam institution