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Academic Skills Building

One-on-one training through various means (in-person, online, phone, and Zoom) is available to help you build academic skills required to be successful in your studies. Stop by the library for in-person help any time during open hours or request online help through the Library Help button below.

Research Help

Basic (30 Minutes)

We'll show you how to find articles, books, and other sources of information for your assignments.


Advanced (30 Minutes)

Are you having trouble finding relevant information? We’ll show you advanced research skills and techniques that can help you find information for your assignments.


APA Referencing Help

Basic (30 Minutes)

We’ll show you the basics of how to identify the elements needed for references and how to create a Reference List. We’ll also introduce you to the citation tool NoodleTools.


NoodleTools Citing Tool (15-30 Minutes)

We'll show you how to add references to NoodleTools, an online citation manager that allows you to quickly generate, edit, and publish an APA Reference list. It'll take care of punctuation, alphabetization, and formatting.

Additional Academic Skills

The Learning Curve also offers one-on-one training to help you build academic skills required to be successful in your studies, including:

  • Note taking
  • Home Learning Strategies
  • Reading and Studying from a Textbook
  • Study Skills and Strategies

For help with these skills and others, book an appointment with the Learning Curve.