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Library FAQ

Find answers to the most common questions asked by you, the students. Contact ACC Library | Email: | Phone: 204.725.8727 or 1.800.862.6307 Ext. 6638

Returning Library Items During COVID-19

Installing Printers

How do I install printers?

Victoria Ave. E. Library printer:

  • 402P1 - Black & white ($0.03/page)
  • 402P1Color - Colour ($0.15/page)


Learning Hub printer:

  • LEP116P0 - Black & white ($0.03/page)
  • LEP116P0Color - Colour ($0.15/page)

Printing Double-Sided

How do I print on two sides?


402P1 - Black & White

  • 402P1 is defaulted to print double-sided.
  • To print single-sided:
    • Go to File > Print.
    • Click the Printer Properties link.
    • In the Finishing Tab, un-check the Print on both sides option.

      Finishing Tap in Printer Properties Dialog Box

402P1Color - Colour

  • Go to File > Print.
  • Click the Printer Properties link.
  • In the Finishing Tab, check off the Print on both sides option.

    Double-Sided Printing Option

Trouble Printing

Why won't my document print?


Install a Printer

  • Make sure the printers in your list are named as follows (including captilization):
    • 402P1 on PS1 or \\PS1\402P1
    • 402P1Color on PS1 or \\PS1\402P1Color
  • If the printers listed don't match one of these, install the printer.


Re-Open Your Document

  • Close and re-open your document.
  • Print.


Check Your Printing Balance

  • Go to the ACC Remote Print Service.
  • Enter your college username and password.
  • Click the Balances button.
  • The amount of money in your account must be enough to print all pages of your document.
    • It costs $0.03/page for black & white.
    • It costs $0.15/page for colour.
  • You can add money to your account at the Cashier's desk in Admissions & Registration.


It Still Won't Print

  • Ask library staff for help.

Printing to Special Paper

How do I print on special paper?


How do I photocopy?


Use Library Printer to Scan & Send to Email - Free!

  • Ask library staff to show you how to scan documents and send them to your email.

Use the Coin-Operated Photocopier

  • Located in the hallway across from the library doors.
  • Costs $0.25/page.
  • Uses cash - accepts coins up to a twoonie.
  • Single-sided only.


Go to the Students' Association

  • Costs $0.10/page.
  • Requires cash.

After-Hours Printing & Scanning

Where can I print after the library is closed?

  • Black & White Printers

    • 200P0 beside room 246 near Test Centre
    • 200P2 beside room 227
    • 400P2 beside Learning Curve
    • 400P4 (wheelchair accessiblein the library hallway, across from the library doors
  • Colour Printers

    • 100P1Color near room 153
    • 200P1Color beside room 246 near Test Centre
    • 200P2Color beside room 227
    • 300P0Color near room 307
    • 400P0Color (wheelchair accessible) in the library hallway, across from the library doors
    • 600P0Color across from Computer Services

Where can I scan and send to email after the library is closed?

    400P4 in the library hallway, across from the library doors
  • 400P2 beside Learning Curve
  • 200P0 beside room 246 near Test Centre
  • 200P2 beside room 227


Can I send a fax from the library?

  • No.
  • You can fax from the Students' Association. Their office is across from the couches at Cross Roads.

Borrowing Textbooks

Can I borrow my textbooks from the library?

  • Any course textbooks the library has are for use in the library only.

    • Give library staff the textbook title and list of author(s) and we can see if we have a copy.
    • NOTE: The library may only have an older edition of your textbook.

Search for Library Books

How do I search for library books?

  • Enter your search terms in the search box above.
  • Write down the call number of the book you want to look at.
    • Call numbers look like this: .
  • Ask library staff to help you find the book on the shelf.
  • Can't finding what you're looking for? Ask your friendly library staff for help!

Search for Journal Articles

How do I find articles for my assignment?

  • Select your program from the list of Library Guides.
  • Search for articles in the various databases listed for your program. 
    • Make sure to try more than just one of the databases listed - EBSCOhost, ScienceDirect, and others.
  • Can't find what you're looking for? Ask your friendly library staff for help!

DVD Troubleshooting

You may encounter difficulties playing some of the DVDs from the ACC Library’s collection. Follow the instructions below to force the DVD to play.

For a Computer

Use VLC Media Player software and follow the directions below.

  • Insert disc into DVD drive and Open VLC Media Player
  • Click the Media menu
  • Click Open Disc...
  • Check off the No disc menu option
  • Click Play
‚ÄčNote: If you don't have VLC Media Player, the DVD can be played in a DVD player.

For a DVD Player

  • Press “Play” on the player/remote. The video should start playing, or
  • Press “Menu” on the remote. The video’s menu should start playing.

How to Play Online Nursing Videos

You must use Internet Explorer to watch the videos.

To get the Mosby Nursing Skills and Jarvis online videos working, follow these directions.

  1. Go to the Online Video Programs page on the Student Intranet
  2. Click on the video you’d like to watch.
  3. Right click on the box in the middle of the browser window
  4. Select “Global settings..”
  5. Click the Advanced tab
  6. Click the Trusted Location Settings button
  7. Click the Add… button
  8. Copy this: S:\Shared\College Information\Library Information\Videos
  9. Paste the copied file path into the empty Website Domain box.
  10. Click the Confirm.
  11. Click the Close button and close out of the pop up window.

Your videos should now play!