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Library FAQ

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Tools known as citation managers can help you create your reference lists. They allow you to:

  • format reference lists for written assignments
  • format citations for written assignments

The library offers support for the following citation managers:

  • NoodleTools
  • Microsoft Word References (limited support)

To familiarize yourself with APA style, we recommend reading our Citing Help guide. We also suggest completing our APA referencing tutorials:

The Library also offers in-person or online help. If you need additional support, fill out our Library Help request form and we’ll contact you to provide guidance.

The Learning Curve provides help with writing, including incorporating quotations into your assignment. Book an appointment to schedule a help session.

Some DVDs may require you to force them to play manually.

For a Computer

Use VLC Media Player software and follow the directions below.

  • Insert disc into DVD drive and Open VLC Media Player
  • Click the Media menu
  • Click Open Disc...
  • Check off the No disc menu option
  • Click Play
Note: If you don't have VLC Media Player, the DVD can be played in a DVD player.

For a DVD Player

  • Press “Play” on the player/remote. The video should start playing, or
  • Press “Menu” on the remote. The video’s menu should start playing.

You must be on campus and use Internet Explorer to watch the videos.

To get the Mosby Nursing Skills and Jarvis online videos working, follow these directions.

  1. Go to the Online Video Programs page on the Student Intranet
  2. Click on the video you’d like to watch
  3. Right click on the box in the middle of the browser window
  4. Select “Global settings..”
  5. Click the Advanced tab
  6. Click the Trusted Location Settings button
  7. Click the Add… button
  8. Copy this: S:\Shared\College Information\Library Information\Videos
  9. Paste the copied file path into the empty Website Domain box
  10. Click the Confirm.
  11. Click the Close button and close out of the pop up window.

Your videos should now play!

Most students are expected to bring their own device when working on-campus. Due to current COVID-19 precautions, only a limited number of college computers are available for student use. Please ask library staff in-person where these are located, as locations may change.

Remote Desktop allows staff and students to access college resources while off campus. Files, email, and other college resources can be accessed as if you're on campus. An internet connection is required - high speed internet works best.

Depending on the device and browser you use, there are different instructions:

IT Services maintains all college accounts, printers, and computers on campus. Please visit the IT Services Help Desk for online support or go to Room 613 for in-person help.
If you're college username and password aren't working to log you in, try the following:
  1. Go to Assiniboine’s Office 365 login page
  2. Login with your college username and password
  3. Go to the NoodleTools login page – you should automatically be logged in. If not, try logging in with your college username and password.
To login to EBSCOhost and other library databases (e.g. ScienceDirect, IBISWorld, etc.), use your college username (e.g. shakespearew) and password. If you continue to have issues, fill our our Help Request form and we'll work to help you access the library databases.
Students, faculty, and staff are able to print to various public printers from college workstations or personal devices. There are two ways to submit a job to the public printers:

Once you send the job, you can pick it up from the printer to which you printed.

Printers available to students, faculty, and staff are located throughout college campuses, mainly in classrooms and hallways. To determine what printer to install, look for the printer name label on the printer (see example below) and install it using that name.

Note: Student printers are identified by the inclusion of the word "Student" in the printer name (e.g. 400P4Student).

Example of printer name label with college logo, printer name 400P4, and price $0.03 per page

To install printers:

  1. Close all open documents.
  2. Type the word control into the search box to the right of the Windows Icon, then click Control Panel from the list

If typing the word control doesn't display the Control Panel option, right-click Windows icon at the bottom left corner of your screen and select Control Panel. 

  1. Click View Devices and Printers (also labelled Devices and Printers).
  2. Click Add a Printer at the top of the box.
  3. Click The printer that I want isn’t listed.
  4. Select Find a printer in the directory based on location or features.
  5. In the Name box, type the name of the printer you want to install.
  6. Click on the name of the printer you want to install and click OK.
  7. Once the printer has installed, click the Next and the Finish buttons.
  8. Close the Devices and Printers box.
Students can purchase printing credits online from Assiniboine's printing portal. The minimum purchase amount is $10.00. For more information, review the Purchasing Printer Credits for Student Printing information from IT Services. For help, contact IT Services.
  Black & White Colour
Letter (8.5"x11") $0.10 $0.50
Legal (8.5"x14") $0.15 $0.75
Ledger (11"x17") $0.20 $1.00

For double-sided printing, the cost is applied per side.

There are a variety of reasons why your document may not be printing. Try the following suggestions to get your document printed.
  • Install a printer. Follow our printer installation instructions.
  • Close and re-open your document, then try printing again.
  • Check your printing balance through Assiniboine's Printing Portal. The amount of money in your account must be enough to print all pages of your document.
    • It costs $0.03/page for black & white and $0.15/page for colour.
    • You can purchase additional printing credits by contacting Admissions by phone (204.725.8700 ext. 4032) or in person.
If your document still won’t print after trying the suggestions above, ask library staff for help.

Some printers are defaulted to print double-sided – these are mainly black & white printers. To verify that double-sided printing is enabled or to turn it on:

  1. From within your document, go to File > Print
  2. Click Printer Properties
  3. Click the Finishing tab
  4. Click the Print on both sides box (if a checkmark already displays in this box, double-sided printing is already enabled)

Paper must be designated for use with laser printers.

  1. With document open, go to File > Print.
  2. Select the printer you want to use.
  3. With the printer selected, click Printer Properties.
  4. Click the Paper/Quality tab. Under Paper Source choose Tray 1.
    • If printing to labels, under Paper Type, choose More > Other > Labels.
    • If printing double-sided, click the Finishing tab and check off “Print on both sides.”
  5. Click OK, then click Print.
  6. Go to the printer. When you see the message “Attention: Load Tray 1…” load the tray with your paper. The printer will begin printing.

Printers available to students, faculty, and staff are located throughout college campuses, mainly in classrooms and hallways. Look for the printer name label on the printers to find the one that matches the printer to which you sent your document.

Students, faculty, and staff are responsible for their own printing. To print documents, follow our printer installation instructions.
Documents can be faxed from the Students' Association. Their office is in room 413.

There are two options for photocopying on campus.

  1. Use college printers to scan and send your document to email for free, then print copies. To do this, follow our scan and send to email instructions.
  2. Request copies at the Students’ Association in room 413
    • Costs $0.10/page
    • Requires cash
To scan and send documents to email for free, follow our scan and send to email instructions.

In Canada, there are specific laws that govern how much of a published work (e.g. book) can be photocopied. Under these laws, called copyright, you’re allowed to copy:

  • either 1 chapter
  • or 10% of the work

You can only copy one of these two amounts, whichever is greater. For example, if a book is 100 pages, you’re allowed to copy 10%, which works out to 10 pages. However, if you need to copy one of the chapters and it’s 15 pages long, you’re allowed to copy the full chapter.

A good place to start your research is your program’s Library Guide. Library Guides provide several recommended resources to help you complete your assignments, including:

  • Databases: these provide access to a variety of information sources, including articles, from hundreds of publications
  • Research Help: teaches you the basics of how to do research
  • Citing Help: introduces you to the practice of citing and provides examples of APA citing

Library staff are also available for additional help. Fill out our Library Help form to request assistance.

If you need help understanding and planning your assignment, book an appointment with the Learning Curve.

The Library’s collection has books and other items on a wide variety of subjects related to programs taught at Assiniboine. You can find items on your topic by searching the library.

Books aren’t the only place to find information for your assignment. You may find useful information through online resources, too. The Library provides a list of recommended online resources for your program through its Library Guides. Find your program and check out the suggested resources. 

Databases are a great place to find information for your assignments. They provide access to a variety of information sources, including articles, from hundreds of publications. These are often provided through a subscription service. The library has access to many great databases that can help you with your research.

View a list of the recommended databases for your program by visiting your program’s Library Guide.

You can request the article by filling out our Library Materials Request form. If available, an electronic copy of the article will be emailed to you.

To help you develop research skills required for your assignments, we recommend reading our Research Help guide. We also suggest completing the Research tutorials on our Tutorials guide. The Identifying Keywords and the Evaluating Information tutorials are especially helpful.

The Library also offers online or in-person support. If you need additional help, fill out our Library Help request form and we’ll contact you to provide guidance.

During the school year (from September to May) the library hours are:

Victoria Ave E. Campus

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. 8 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.


North Hill Library

8:30 to 11 a.m.

You can search for books in the library in a few ways:

  1. Go to the library webpage and enter your search terms in the Find items available at the library search box
  2. Go directly to the Library Search and enter your terms in the search box
  3. Download the free library search app and request a username and password to login

Once you've found the item(s) you want to look at:

  1. Write down the call number and title of the item(s)
    • Call numbers look like this: HD 30.28 T576 2008
  2. Give library staff the title and call number and they’ll get the book for you
  3. If working from home, fill out our Library Materials Request form to request the item(s) you wish to borrow.

Can't finding what you're looking for? Ask your friendly library staff for help!

To borrow books from the Assiniboine Library, all you need is your Assiniboine ID card. Present your student, faculty, or staff card at the Main Desk and items will be signed out to your library account.

If working from home, fill out our Materials Request form and choose your preferred delivery method.

Visitors to Assiniboine Library will be issued library cards.

Assiniboine Library doesn't charge overdue fines! Simply return or renew your overdue items. To renew your items online, request a library account username and password.

Your borrowing privileges will be suspended if you:

  • have library materials that are 6 weeks or more overdue
  • returned an item in damaged condition
  • lost an item

Your account will remain suspended until the materials are returned or you've paid the bill issued for the replacement cost of the items plus $15 handling and applicable taxes. Learn more about paying bills.

Books required for your courses are purchased from the Bookstore.

Any course textbooks the library has are for use in the library only.

  • Give library staff the textbook title and list of author(s) and we can see if we have a copy.
Note: The library may only have an older edition of your textbook.

Students in the following program areas have certain required books set aside for them by their instructors:

  • Automotive
  • Agriculture Equipment
  • Civil Technology
  • Heavy Duty
  • Practical Nursing
  • Social Service Worker

These are located in the Library’s Course Reserve section. Items are available at the Main Desk in the library.

The library offers individual, group, and quiet study spaces.

  • The quiet study area is located at the back of the library, in the South-East corner. This area is for individual study only and talking is not allowed.
  • The group study area is located on your left as you enter the library. Individuals and small groups are welcome to use this area. Quiet discussion is allowed.

Remember, libraries are shared spaces - respect and be considerate of others to create an environment that works for everyone.

At this time, in all areas of the college, COVID-19 physical distancing rules (maintaining at least 2 meters of distance from others) apply.

The Library space is reserved for studying and schoolwork. Other areas of the college are available for socializing, including the cafeteria and Cross Roads.

At this time, in all areas of the college, COVID-19 physical distancing rules (maintaining at least 2 meters of distance from others) apply.

Cell phones are allowed in the library, however:

  • they must be set to silent - turn all ringers and sound notifications off
  • phone calls must be taken outside of the library. If you're talking on the phone in the library, you may be asked to leave for the duration of the call.
Food and drink are allowed in the Library. Please put any garbage or recycling in the available waste bins.

The Library doesn’t provide office supplies. A table with a selection of the following supplies available for your use is located across from the Bookstore. If supplies need to be refilled, please contact the Students’ Association in Room 413.

  • Stapler
  • Hole punch
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter

All other office supplies can be purchased at the Bookstore.

The Learning Curve provides support with proofreading and editing your assignment. Book an appointment to schedule a help session.

If you're having trouble understanding what your assignment is asking you to do, first contact your instructor to get clarification.

For help with planning, starting, writing, proofreading, and editing your assignment book an appointment with the Learning Curve.

At this time, the college doesn't offer résumé writing support.

However, a number of community agencies offer support to Brandon citizens seeking employment opportunities. For more information, view or Résumé Writing Help guide.