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Academic Integrity for Students

What is Academic Integrity?

Assiniboine Community College is committed to a culture of academic integrity. As a member of the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI), we are informed by their six fundamental values:

  • honesty
  • trust
  • fairness
  • respect
  • responsibility
  • courage (International Center for Academic Integrity, 2014).


Staff and faculty work with students to help them succeed in an academically honest way by:

  • empowering students to participate in the scholarship of their respective fields
  • gaining the skills and knowledge that accredited credentials represent
  • safely contributing to our society through jobs acquired upon graduation

Assiniboine's Academic Integrity Policy

Assiniboine's academic integrity policy, Policy A25, aims to reflect a culture of:

  • academic integrity
  • honesty

upon which the reputation of the college is formed and its accreditation is maintained.

This policy helps guide not only faculty and administration in their decisions involving academic integrity, but students as well. The policy describes:

  • various types of academic misconduct
  • procedures for instructors to deal with academic misconduct
  • the four levels of academic misconduct violations.

Academic Integrity Support

While Policy A25 guides issues of academic integrity at Assiniboine, students are able and encouraged to discuss any questions or concerns with many staff and faculty, including:

  • your instructor
  • Library staff
  • Learning Curve staff
  • your Student Success Advisor
  • a peer tutor
  • your Chair
  • your Dean

International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI)

Assiniboine is a member of the International Center for Academic Integrity (ICAI). This partnership gives Assiniboine access to many resources on academic integrity, and enables us to contribute to the field by researching and presenting at ICAI and related conferences.

Manitoba Academic Integrity Network (MAIN)

The Manitoba Academic Integrity Network (MAIN) is an organization that serves to bring together educators and students from post-secondary institutions across Manitoba to support academic integrity initiatives. Assiniboine currently has two members on the MAIN board, allowing for collaboration with other colleges and universities in the province.

Academic Integrity Inter Institutional Meeting (AIIIM)

Academic Integrity Inter Institutional Meeting (AIIIM) is an annual teaching and learning event for post-secondary academic staff from across the province of Manitoba, Canada. The goal of the AIIIM is to share strategies and resources to help to provide students with the best possible learning experience - one that is centered on integrity. Assiniboine hosted the event in 2018, and Assiniboine staff and faculty have presented at every annual event to date.

Academic Integrity Advisory Committee (AIAC)

Assiniboine's Academic Integrity Advisory Committee (AIAC) has three purposes:

  • inform Learning Commons services, projects, and resources related to academic integrity
  • identify opportunities to implement and evaluate academic integrity interventions and supports
  • contribute to policy and procedure development

The committee currently has members from six different Assiniboine campuses and sites, and meets quarterly.