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Test Centre

Read and Write Gold for Test Accommodations

One form of testing accommodation is having exam questions and answers read out loud to the student. For this we use Read and Write Gold, an assistive software that converts text into speech. Sherri’s case, below, shows how useful Read and Write Gold can be for testing:

Sherri requires both a reader and distraction-reduced space. She is trained on the Read and Write Gold software which will read text to her. To write her tests, Sherri:

  • goes to the Test Centre lab
  • wears headphones so she can use Read and Write Gold without disrupting others in the lab
    • Sherri prefers this to a human reader because she can use the software independently. She can even use it during her practicum and in the workforce.


Note: To use Read and Write Gold for accommodated testing, you must book a training session with the Learning Curve. You must be trained before your first accommodated test.


Read and Write Gold is available free for all students and staff. To download a copy of the software to a college computer, follow the directions linked below. If you want a copy for your personal computer, please fill out the request form linked below. 

Additional Training

After your first training session with the Learning Curve, watch these videos for more help.

Read and Write Gold Toolbar Video Tour

Read and Write Gold Speech Video Tour