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PEDV-0279 Professional Practice

Assignment Description

For this assignment you will:

  • Create an assessment plan based on one of three movies listed in the assignment steps section

  • Compose a genogram for the identified target

  • Create an ecomap of the family using resources provided in Moodle 



  • Assessment plan including the following sections:

    • Introduction (about 300 words)

    • Intake sheet (1 page fact seet)

    • Biopsychosocial assessment summary

  • Genogram (single page, landscape orientation)

  • Ecomap (single page, landscape orientation)

Note: When completing this assignment keep in mind that your next assignment will be to complete an intervention plan for your identified target. Intervention plans are linked to assessments, one generally plans to intervene in areas indicated as problematic.

It is not anticipated that you will require references in this particular document, the films have been provided to you and the chapters included are for reference, not citation. This should ‘feel like’ an assessment you would do in a placement. 


Linked to Learning Outcome #11:

11.0. Formulate a beginning practice assessment model to be applied to social service work practice.

11.1. Differentiate between the individual components of basic biopsychosocial assessment tool.

11.2. Compare the utility of the various components of a biopsychosocial assessment tool.

11.3. Construct a personalized biopsychosocial assessment model for use in general social service work practice.


Marking Rubric



Get help with researching, APA citing, and writing through the Library and Learning Curve.

Movie Choice

Watch one of the following three movies. You will base your assessment and intervention plans on the movie you choose.

These movies can be found through online television/movie subscription services, the Assiniboine Library, or the Brandon Public Library.

Students are eligible to borrow physical and online items from the public library through Assiniboine Library's partnership with the Western Manitoba Regional Library. To borrow materials from the public library, you must present your Assiniboine student card. During COVID-19 closures, please contact the public library to arrange access.


Include the following sections in your assessment plan.

  1. Introduction (about 300 words, on its own page, paragraph form)
    1. What service agency you work for?
    2. Who have you identified as your target (individual, couple, family, etc.)
    3. How did the person, couple, or family come to the attention of your service agency?


  1. Intake sheet (create a one page face sheet with summary information)
    1. Identifying information for each family member (name, age/birthdate, family role)
    2. Description of presenting problem
    3. Other summary information you find pertinent


  1. Biopsychosocial assessment summary: See Ruffalo Chapter 6 and Lee Chapter 4 for support with this. Create a bio-psycho-social-spiritual assessment using four sections:
    1. Biological
    2. Psychological
    3. Social
    4. Spiritual

that includes the following information under each heading (this should be formatted as it is noted here, use the headings given)

[SECTION NAME e.g. Biological]

  • Relevant past history
  • Current situation
  • Strengths/resources within that area that can be used to address the challenges noted
  • Balance and flow


You must also include the following elements in your assignment.

  1. Genogram composed for the identified target
  • The genogram should fit on a single sheet of paper with a ‘landscape’ orientation and can be completed by hand (neatly) or with Word or using a commercially available software program such as “GenoPro”.
  • There are several books in the library that will help with this exercise, most notably, look for the author “Monica McGoldrick”. There are several genogram resources on your Moodle site as well. 
  1. Ecomap: create an ecomap of the family using the various resources you have been provided on Moodle. 
  • The ecomap should fit on a single sheet of paper with a ‘landscape’ orientation and can be completed by hand (neatly) or with Word or using a commercially available software program such as Canva (a free desktop publishing website).

Library Books Related to this Assignment

To request these books from the library, click the linked titles and fill out the online request form. The book's details will be automatically filled out for you.