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APA Reference Lists in NoodleTools

What's a Citation Manager?

Citation managers are tools that help you create collections of citation information and notes. They allow you to:

  • collect and organize your research
  • format reference lists for written assignments
  • format citations for written assignments
  • create notes for written assignments
  • create outlines for written assignments


Which Citation Managers Does the Library Support?

The library offers support for:



Available to all current Assiniboine students and staff, NoodleTools allows you to quickly generate, edit, and publish an APA Reference list. It will take care of:

  • punctuation
  • alphabetization
  • and formatting

This saves you time to do other work!

NoodleTools also helps you create an outline for your paper and keep notes about your references.

New Feature! Export an article reference from EBSCOhost directly into NoodleTools. Learn more about exporting references into NoodleTools.