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Copyright Support

Welcome to Assiniboine's Copyright Support

This guide has been developed to provide education and guidelines for Assiniboine faculty, students, and staff in the subjects of copyright and intellectual property rights. 

Copyright affects us all, whether in the classroom as students or instructors, or at home as consumers of popular entertainment. The purpose of this guide is to help the Assiniboine community to better understand how copyright law works and how best to remain compliant in the academic setting. 

Assiniboine Community College encourages access to works while ensuring that the rights of creators are respected in accordance with the Copyright Act. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure compliance with copyright regulations.

Assiniboine's Policy G11 states the college’s position regarding fair dealing, use, and duplication of copyright materials. If you're interested in more details, please review the policy.



Contact Assiniboine's Copyright Officer ( in the Library.


This guide provides information related to copyright for educational information purposes only, and is not intended as legal advice.

Adapted and used with permission from Southern Methodist University Library.

KC Bateman

Academic Integrity & Copyright Officer