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Cite Your Sources!

If you didn't write it, think it, draw it, or create it - cite it! Give credit where credit is due; you must cite whenever you use:

  • Another person's idea, opinion, or theory.
  • Any facts, statistics, graphs, drawings, or information that are not common knowledge.
  • Quotations of another person's exact spoken or written words.
  • A paraphrase of another person's spoken or written words.

Review the sample paper linked below to guide you through formatting your paper in APA style.

Not all sections in the sample paper will necessarily apply to your own. If you're unsure about what to include in your paper, talk to your instructor.

Writing Basics

Once you've found information to use in your paper, it's time start the writing process. Click the helpful links below to learn more about writing a research paper.


The tutorials below use Flash - you must have a Flash player installed to view them.


Choosing a Topic

Learn how to choose a topic for your paper that will make the research and writing process easier.

Building Research Papers

Learn how to build your research paper using articles and other sources to support your arguments.

Using the Proper Voice in Writing

When writing your paper, you have to be careful to use the proper voice. To learn about different voice styles, see below.

Need Help with Your Paper?

Are you having trouble writing your paper?

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