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PSSY-0026 Psychology

Assignment Description

Create an annotated bibliography of sources that relate to: 

  • Carl Rogers
  • Humanistic theory
  • Unconditional positive regard



  • Read Section 10.2 in your textbook

  • Three credible sources
  • APA reference list with annotations 250 to 300 words in length


Marking Rubric



Get help with researching, APA citing, and writing through the Library and Learning Curve.

Part 1: Find Credible Sources

By the end of this section, students will be able to:

  • identify credible sources
  • identify keywords to create a research strategy
  • demonstrate research skills
  • identify sources that relate to their topics
  • demonstrate critical thinking skills.

You may use websites, journal articles, books, or videos as your resources if they're credible.

1. Read Section 10.2 from your textbook. Make note of the important points in this section.

  • You will use your notes to help you choose what topics to research.


2. Complete the Evaluating Information tutorial and read through the evaluating information tips linked below. These will help you determine what are credible sources


3. Complete the tutorial linked below to help you choose search terms for your topics.


4. Applying the evaluating information skills you learned in step 2, use a search enging (e.g. Google) and the library catalogue search below to find information that discusses your topic.

Google Web Search


Books and videos available in the Assiniboine Library are a great source of information. Enter your search terms in the search box below to see what's available in the library.


Databases can be searched to find research articles that discuss the application of the theories in specific situations.


EBSCOhost is a great place to search for articles. Type your keywords into the search box below.

Journal Article Search


ScienceDirect is another great place to search for articles.


ERIC is yet another great place to find information.


Google Scholar is yet another place to search for academic articles. If you can't get access to a full article, you can request it from the library by filling out the material request form, linked below.

Part 2: Create Your Annotated Bibliography

By the end of this section, students will be able to:

  • create an annotated reference list using NoodleTools (or other citation generator/manager)

1. Log into NoodleTools and:

  1.  create a reference list and add your sources


2. Add annotations to your references. Each annotation will be 250 to 300 words in length and will include a summary and reflection.


What's an Annotated Bibliography?


Annotated Bibliography Explanation and Examples

Tutorial: Annotated Bibliography in NoodleTools