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Academic Integrity for Students


  • Discuss academic integrity with your instructor
  • Discuss collusion with your instructor
  • Do not share your work with other students unless approved by your instructor
  • Do not provide access to, upload, distribute, sell, trade, or copy any of your course materials
  • Do not share tests, exams, or assignments with others
  • Do not bring or access unauthorized materials during tests
  • Use assessment integrity checklist
  • Keep careful research notes
  • Ask instructor to specify where "collaboration ends and collusion begins" (Velliaris & Pierce, 2019)
  • Ask instructor for examples of what students can and can’t share (Sutton & Taylor, 2011)
  • Collaborate only with classmates specified by your instructor, and only in the manner which your instructor specifies
  • Complete assessments which are assigned individually on your own
  • Ask for help from Assiniboine support staff, including your Student Success Advisor, the Learning Curve, and the Library