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Academic Integrity for Students


A Google search for something like “write my essay” will return thousands of results from contract cheating providers. They market themselves to students as legitimate resources, but are not.  Sometimes they'll want only a payment, and at other times they'll want students to upload resources in order to access others.

It's not worth the risk to a student's academic record or future career to engage with contract cheating services in any form.


Below is a small selection of examples of this illicit industry.


Example 1

A poorly-written advertisement for a "professional assignment writer."

Figure 1. Contract cheating advertisement. (Kaktins, 2018).

Note the low quality of the writing.


Example 2

Advertisement geared to students struggling with written assignments that says "Failing your assignments? Need help?"

Figure 2. Contract cheating advertisement. (Kaktins, 2018).

Again, note the low quality of writing being offered.


Example 3

Twitter exchange between student and essay writing service.

Figure 3. Twitter exchange. (Hendricks, 2019).

Contract cheating providers lurk on social media, using algorithms to respond with sales pitches to people's comments about homework, essays, and papers.  Many appear independent but are tied to contract cheating websites.


Example 4

Contract cheating website listing reasons to use their services, including suggesting assignments are a waste of time and irrelevant.

Figure 5. Website screenshot. (Eaton et al., 2019).

Note the appeals to having better things to do, and suggesting that essays are irrelevant.


Example 5

Contract cheating site claiming students don't have the writing skills to successfully complete their assignments.

Figure 5. Contract cheating advertisement. (Kaktins, 2018).

Note the offer of "professional writing assistance" for students who they claim don't have enough knowledge to complete their own assignments. Gaining this knowledge is part of the transformational experience of student life.