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Academic Integrity for Students

What is Collusion?

Although not mentioned in Assiniboine's current Policy A25, collusion means working together when not allowed, supposed, or directed to do so.  This is the opposite of collaboration. 



  • students working together on assignments that were given individually
  • or giving test answers to other students

Policy A25 Collusion Examples

  • "Students who knowingly or negligently assist other students to be academically dishonest even though there is no benefit to themselves" (Assiniboine Community College, 2013).
  • "Examples of facilitating academic dishonesty include, but are not limited to: A student allowing other students to use their assignment to do their own assignment. A student allowing other students to look at their work during a test or exam" (Assiniboine Community College, 2013).
  • "Working with another student on a laboratory or other homework assignment when such work is prohibited" (Assiniboine Community College, 2013).
  • "Acting to facilitate copying during a test or exam" (Assiniboine Community College, 2013).
  • "Collaborating before a test or exam to develop methods of exchanging information and implementation thereof" (Assiniboine Community College, 2013).
  • "Unauthorized collaboration between/among students" (Assiniboine Community College, 2013).