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Academic Integrity for Students


There are many ways for students to avoid plagiarism, including: 
  • discuss plagiarism and academic integrity with your instructor
  • understand how to quote and paraphrase
  • use academic integrity checklist
  • keep careful research notes
  • cite all sources – regardless of their format – that are not your own
  • use a citation manager like NoodleTools, MS Word, Zotero, or others
  • proofread your assignment before submitting


Academic Integrity Checklist

Does your assignment follow academic integrity standards?

  • I fully understand the purpose, requirements, and instructions of this assignment
  • I have completed this assignment independently unless explicitly instructed otherwise
  • There is no section or component of my assignment that I do not understand
  • I have kept research notes and other documentation regarding all of my sources of information and ideas
  • My direct quotations have quotation marks, a full and correct citation, and a corresponding reference
  • All ideas and work used from other sources have the necessary in-text citations and references
  • Every item on my reference list has been cited in my assignment
  • Every idea/quote that I have used in my assignment has a corresponding entry in my reference list
  • Apart from direct quotes, everything else in my assignment consists of my own words
  • In paraphrasing work from others, I put the complete idea into my own words and did not just change a few words or rearrange the sentence


Adapted from York University's Academic Integrity Assignment Checklist Creative Commons License