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Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) Preparation

Includes a breakdown and sample questions of levels C and D from the CAAT, compiled by Assiniboine's Learning Curve team.

Test Content Breakdown

  • 54 multiple choice questions
  • Some of the questions cover reference skills using a dictionary and its pronunciation guide, finding resources in a library (i.e. pre-computer age), knowing the parts of a newspaper or a book and understanding the purpose of reference materials like an almanac, atlas or encyclopedia.
  • For some of the questions, you will read a group of four sentences that express the same idea. You have to choose which sentence of the four expresses that idea best.
  • Some questions will ask you to identify an error in a paragraph. Is it a grammar error, a punctuation error, a capitalization error or is there no error at all?
  • Some questions ask you to put sentences in order to make a well-organized paragraph.
  • Not timed:  Suggested completion time approximately 30 minutes.

Sample Questions

Additional Content