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Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) Preparation

Includes a breakdown and sample questions of levels C and D from the CAAT, compiled by Assiniboine's Learning Curve team.

Test Content Breakdown

  • 70 multiple choice questions
  • Each question presents a mechanical situation with a diagram and gives you three choices for the correct answer
  • Example topics include: direction, pulleys, gears, weight distribution, speed, volume.
  • Not timed:  Suggested completion time approximately 40 minutes

Sample Questions

Two people lifting typewriter sitting on a board.

Example X shows a picture of two people carrying a typewriter on a board and asks, Which person has the heavier load? (If equal, mark C.) Person B has the heavier load because the weight is closer to him than to person A.


Scale with two items perfectly balanced.

Example Y asks, Which weighs more? (If equal, mark C.) As the scale is perfectly balance, A and B must weigh the same so you would select C.



Canadian adult achievement test level C. (1988). Harcourt Brace Jovanovich and The Psychological Corporation Canada.

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